Sash Restoration for Historic Round Top Window


This job was a complete restoration of the sash for 18 round-top windows in this historic building, in addition to 28 others. Restoration comprised complete removal of paint, putty, and glass. We then did repairs as needed, using wood and epoxy, sanding, priming, and reinstalled the original glass in its respective locations, as all planes are not created equal. Top glazing was done with oil base putty, letting it dry for a week or so before applying final paint. To complete the installations, custom interior storm windows were fabricated to increase efficiency by as much as 30%.

Repairs ranged from minor nicks and hole patching to "Dutchman" infills and, in some cases, complete part replacement. The most common repair is chipped muntins on the upper sash from the lock, catching when the window is opened and closed. The sash are completely weatherstripped and reinstalled.


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